🍄Free Ideas


A multiuser dungeon, written where each room is a stack of prioritized uxn ROMs (which are written in tal). Jewish theme to complete the pun optional, but encouraged.

  • UI to copy/edit/save tal of all objects

  • VM io would be via the stdin and stdout.

  • Simple objects could be handled by the lowest level VM ("the room").

  • Complicated objects could be their own VM, where unhandled input is sent to stdout (to be handled by the next lowest VM.

  • tal library to support common patterns.


  • Multi-user access to VMs, how should this work?

  • Persisting VM state, external checkpointing vs. explicit state store/restore in ROMs?

Stretch goals:

  • Graphics via X11 forwarding or Web?

Capaciative Humidity Sensor

Experiment w/ simple dielectrics that vary significantly with humidity. Such a device should use simple to source materials and be read by any hardware with a timer and ADC.

Prospective uses:

  • Monitoring food stores (root celler, flour/grain storage) to minimize stored food waste.

  • Detecting water leaks in food storage?