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    Automate batch operations to allow easy offline work. elfeed, toot, offpunk

  1. NNCP

  2. Barriers to offline work

    • Ensure msmtp can queue and send later or setup Postfix

  3. Grafting onto crabapple, faster than growing from sapling?


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offpunk replacement

Offpunk is a great workflow. I like that I can have it fetch
rss/atom/& and cache the first level links for offline use, but:

  • The code is a bit of a mess. Single file is great for install, but...

  • Startup is slow. For all the talk of having no dependencies, it does many checks and backfills for missing libraries at start.

  • Fetching everything is slow since there is no concurrency.

I think Go is a good choice for a follow-up work. The built-in concurrency could make it quite fast and the static binary output could approach dependency-free installation with a bit of planning.

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Q: What does it mean for RNA to hybridize, e.g. "hence most mRNA will easily hybridize to a nucleic acid that consists of a long sequence of thymine residues". Attach / bind / interact?

A: "Base-pairing". When two sections of DNA or RNA are complementary, they can spontaneously bond together.